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When it comes to asphalt protection, Summit Paving Contractors has you covered. SPC values customer’s investments in asphalt projects and wants to ensure they keep receiving a return on it. If an existing project requires seal coating to prolong the lifespan of the asphalt, SPC is skilled in assessing what solutions are best for the customer’s needs. 

For any seal coating project, the following factors are taken into consideration: 

-The functional use of the asphalt project-

-Age of the asphalt-

-Ground surface-

-Surface cracks-




SPC uses only the best, environmentally friendly sealant and crack filling materials offered on the market today. If your asphalt looks like the back of a crocodile (“Crikey!”), SPC is ready to provide options!


With many asphalt and concrete surfaces exposed to the natural elements, things like parking stall outlines and other painted signage tend to wear away over time. SPC is fully equipped with commercial striping equipment that can accommodate any job – large or small.


SPC is flexible in its approach to each project – we are here to assess and meet your needs!

asphalt paved road with trees on both sides

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