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When it comes to excavating, milling, and dirt work - WE DIG IT!

For any excavating project, the following factors are taken into consideration: 

-The ground surface and type-

-Depth of dig-

-The surroundings-


These details ensure safety is maintained as the number one priority on the site and that the best possible solution is offered to the customer.

Summit Paving Contractors excavates small and large residential and commercial projects ranging from drainage ditches, culvert pipes, and trenches.  Safety is always at the forefront of SPC’s efforts; all excavating projects start with a call to 811 to certify any underground utilities that may be in the area. SPC values its staff and customers wellbeing and wants to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of the day. 

SPC is flexible in its approach to each project – we are here to assess and meet your needs!

Asphalt paved road with trees on both sides

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